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If you’re looking for sleek sliding doors in Orpington and the surrounding areas, you can rely on the friendly and professional team at The Shoreditch Window Company. Sliding doors can completely reinvent how you see and use your transition between your interior and exterior. Blissfully glide from your kitchen to your back garden with zero interruptions or obstructions. Because of the defining feature of sliding doors, their namesake feature simply operates on the spot, meaning there are no annoying swing arcs that take up space or gets in the way.

Despite their slim frame, our sliding doors will protect your Orpington home without fail. Ensure your home security is elevated with a sleek yet secure sliding door.

Our sliding doors can adapt to any style, regardless if your home is traditional or contemporary, our doors can slide right in and make a perfect fit, complementing the aesthetics.

To get a price for our sliding doors, please take a look at our online quoting tool. Here you can browse our full range of products and find something suited to your needs!

Traditional Sliding Patio Door Styles

Sliding doors are a classic design that continues to look, feel and perform like it's modern. How could you possibly improve such an iconic property piece? Here at The Shoreditch Window Company, we don’t believe in fixing something that isn’t broke, so we decided not to alter the design of the classic sliding door.

Instead, we have incorporated modern technology into our sliding doors without compromising what makes the door so beloved. Enjoy a traditional sliding door without any of the traditional setbacks. Your Orpington home will be blessed with a classic door with modern benefits. Enjoy the ability to customise your sliding door however you see fit, as we offer colour, finish and hardware choices. If you do prefer the traditional sliding door look, you may opt for a woodgrain finish. If you are looking for a modern sliding door, you may prefer a contemporary shade such as anthracite grey.

Secure Sliding Doors

Here at The Shoreditch Window Company, we understand the immense importance of making sure that you and your loved ones feel safe and secure inside your Orpington home. We ensure your home security is elevated with our sliding doors. We work with market leaders of the industry in order to supply doors that are standard fitted with multi point locking mechanisms, secure profiles and durable double glazing. Enjoy total peace of mind as our sliding doors keep you safe day and night.

Energy Efficient Sliding Patio Doors

An incredibly important, albeit often neglected, function of your Orpington home is energy efficiency. Depending on how energy efficient your home is, you might be experiencing a very warm or cold interior. It is very common for many homeowners to suffer the latter due to energy inefficiency. So how do we fix this? Our sliding doors are an energy efficient home improvement solution that will give your interior a comfortable temperature. This is achieved by trapping and retaining the natural heat inside your home, keeping it warm and cosy without the need or cost of your central heating. Save money and stay warm with our sliding doors.

Open Up Your Home

As mentioned prior, sliding doors stand out with their namesake feature of sliding. This is achieved with a rolling system, meaning they never leave their spot. This eliminates any annoying swing arcs you see from any other door. This gives your Orpington home more space and freedom for you to do what you want. Not only is your back entrance streamlined, but it allows for more freedom as this home improvement solution saves space and time.

Slimline Sliding Patio Door Prices, Orpington

Open up your home with sliding doors and get in touch with us today!

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