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If you're looking for stylish sliding doors, we have just the right range for you that suits any type of home.  You can rely on our helpful and knowledgeable staff here at Shoreditch Windows to ensure your Grays home gets the highest quality sliding doors with a perfect installation too.  Enjoy a seamless transition between your indoors living space and garden. The easy to use sliding mechanism makes opening your sliding door an absolute dream. You benefit from large double glazing panes that maximise your view and let in lots of natural light. In addition, the sliding movement ensures you get more space to utilise in your home, not having to worry about a door's swing arc.

Our sliding doors will always safeguard your Grays property, thanks to their multipoint locking systems and reinforced double glazing. Furthermore, we install profiles that are strong and robust, giving you complete protection and low maintenance upkeep.You enjoy stylish design, great views, while knowing your home and family are protected with the latest technology and design. 

Our sliding doors may be customised to meet any design, so whether your house is old or modern, they will perfectly fit and enhance the beauty.

To get a price for our sliding doors, please take a look at our online quoting tool. Here you can browse our full range of products and find something suited to your needs!

Traditional Sliding Door Styles

Sliding doors are a timeless design that still feels, looks, and functions like it's current. How could you possibly enhance such a famous design? We at The Shoreditch Window Company opted not to make any changes to the traditional sliding door's design since we don't believe in mending things that aren't broken.

Instead, we have added contemporary technology to our sliding doors without sacrificing the qualities that have made the door so cherished. Enjoy a sliding door without all of the drawbacks that come with them. A traditional door with contemporary advantages will be a blessing for your Grays property. We provide a variety of colours, finishes, and hardware options so you may personalise your sliding door as you like. If you decide that you like the classic appearance of sliding doors, you can choose a woodgrain treatment. You might select a modern colour like anthracite grey if you're looking for a modern sliding door.

Secure Sliding Doors

At The Shoreditch Window Company, we recognise how crucial it is to make your Grays home feel safe and secure for you and your loved ones. With our sliding doors, we guarantee increased home security. In order to provide doors that come standard equipped with multi-point locking systems, secure profiles, and robust double glazing, we collaborate with market leading suppliers. As our sliding doors keep you protected day and night, you may relax completely.

Energy Efficient Sliding Doors

Energy efficiency is a vital, if frequently disregarded, feature of your Grays home. Your home may be extremely warm or cold inside, depending on how energy-efficient it is. Due to energy inefficiency, many homes frequently experience the latter. How then may this be fixed? Our sliding doors are an energy-saving home enhancement that will maintain a cosy temperature inside. This is accomplished by keeping your home warm and cosy without using or paying for your central heating by trapping and preserving the natural heat within. Our sliding doors help you save money and keep you warm.

Open Up Your Home

Sliding doors are distinctive due to its eponymous attribute of sliding, as was previously noted. They use a rolling method to accomplish this, so they never move from their position. This gets rid of any unwelcome swing arcs from other doors. As a result, you have more room and freedom in your Grays house to accomplish whatever you choose. Your back entry is not only simplified, but this home renovation method also frees up more time and space.

Slimline Sliding Door Prices, Grays

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