Composite Doors Rochester

We supply and install a selection of premium composite doors for homes around the Rochester region. A composite door stands out in our range because it is made using a blend of durable materials including uPVC and timber. This blend of materials allows you to get a door that looks traditional but has all the benefits of modern materials.

Composite doors are a fantastic investment for any home in the Rochester region thanks to their durable materials and longevity. Because these doors have a timber core, with layers of durable material protecting it, they can handle even the most adverse weather conditions. These composite doors will not wear down quickly like timber profiles but will still deliver the same level of insulation.

Your Rochester home will stay protected all year round thanks to the insulating properties of the design. Because your home will stay comfortable all year round, they are highly energy efficient. Because you will rely less on central heating to keep the space warm, you could find yourself enjoying lower energy bills.

Composite doors have also been proven to help Rochester homeowners cut their carbon footprint, making them a sustainable solution for properties in your region. We are also confident that our doors have been designed to last without needing regular maintenance. Keep these doors looking as good as new without needing to repaint or revarnish them.

Modern Composite Doors

Composite doors are a modern, high quality installation for homes in Rochester and the surrounding area. This range of doors is crafted using a blend of durable materials, ensuring you will enjoy a visually appealing profile for many years to come. Enjoy a long lasting visually appealing door without needing to spend time and money maintain them.

You’ll have total control over how your new doors will look and perform. You’ll be able to customise most elements to ensure it seamlessly blends into the existing architecture of your home or makes an impact in your neighbourhood. Make a fantastic first impression by installing one of our front doors.

Energy Efficient Front Doors

Another benefit of installing our composite doors is the superior level of energy efficiency they offer their customers. Retain more of your home’s natural heat, keeping your space comfortable all year round. This durable structure will keep the heat inside and the cold air out.

The timber core and layers of uPVC act as a thermal barrier, insulating your build effectively during the cold winter months in Rochester. As a result, you will need to rely less on your central heating to keep the space comfortable, no matter the weather outside.

With energy prices on the rise, our composite doors are a fantastic investment for any home in the Rochester region. Enjoy a cosier home for less with our installations. You can even lower your building’s carbon footprint, making this range of high quality composite doors a sustainable option any Rochester home.

Secure Front Doors

At The Shoreditch Window Company, we take the security of your home very seriously. We only ever install double glazing which offers an enhanced level of security and homeowner peace of mind. Our designs will allow homeowners to benefit from a durable and robust installation. Even when exposed to extreme forces, they will not lose their structural integrity.

The sturdy timber core gives the composite door enhanced levels of strength, while the uPVC layers offer superior levels of weatherproofing. We are confident these doors won’t weaken over the years. This security is only enhanced by modern multi-point locking mechanisms for your full peace of mind.

Made to Measure Composite Doors

We know every home is unique and every homeowner wants some different from their new installations. We give our customers full control over the way their composite doors look and perform.

We offer a wide range of customisation options, allowing you to invest in a product that perfectly fits your tastes and requirements. Our composite doors come in over 11,000 colour options including dual colour combinations if you’re torn between two shades. We also offer a selection of hardware accessories, allowing you to complement your architecture and your existing double glazing installations.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our many customisation options. We will also be on hand to help you get the best looking and performing door for your home.

Composite Door Prices, Rochester

Use our innovative online quoting enginetoday to get a composite door price tailored to your needs. It’s easy to use and works on all devices, simply input your specifications to get a price tailored to your needs.

Alternatively call our team or use our online contact form today to learn more about our products and to have your queries answered. We are on hand to help you make the right decision.

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