Composite Doors Orpington

Here at The Shoreditch Window Company, we offer a range of premium composite doors that will no doubt enhance the style, function and security of your Orpington home. Composite doors continue to be an especially popular home improvement solution due to their array of benefits and cheaper cost when compared to timber doors. They also boast greater durability than uPVC doors, making them an excellent choice for the homeowner looking for a premium door without the premium price. Our composite doors are a versatile property piece that offers a multitude of benefits befitting a modern door. Don’t just settle for a simple barrier that will act as a simple entrance. With composite doors, you achieve and benefit from a variety of features. Composite doors are a modern home improvement solution. This means that they are energy efficient. Enjoy a revitalised interior as they continue to keep you warm and comfortable. Composite doors are renowned for their incredible durability, thanks to their sturdy profile. Rest easy knowing that you have increased your Orpington home security with this fantastic property piece.

Modern Composite Doors

Investing in a composite door means investing in a home improvement solution that grants many modern benefits that will dramatically improve your quality of life at home. Not only do homeowners in Orpington benefit from improved home security and energy efficiency, but our composite doors are extremely customisable. Choose from a wide selection of functional and aesthetic hardware options, creating a completely unique composite door just for you. We are partners with market leaders Solidor in order to provide the very best for our valued customers.

Energy Efficient Front Doors

Energy efficiency is an incredibly important factor to consider for your Orpington home. It dictates how comfortable the interior temperature of your property is. Energy inefficiency can often lead to overheated rooms or chilly indoors, often forcing homeowners to switch on the central heating or some electric fans. All this unnecessary cost can be circumvented with our energy efficient composite doors. They have been expertly designed to trap and retain the natural heat within your property. This means that your interior keeps warm and cosy without the need or cost to switch on the central heating. Save money on the heating bill as our composite doors strive to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Secure Front Doors

Here at The Shoreditch Window Company, we understand how important it is to homeowners in Orpington that they feel safe and secure within their own homes. We provide our valued customers with a sure fire way to dramatically enhance their home security: our composite doors. Built with a durable and resilient frame, a mixture of materials that are pressed together and glued under extreme pressure. This home improvement solution sports unparalleled robustness and strength, capable of withstanding heavy strikes and kicks, making them impressively difficult to break down. We also offer a variety of additional security hardware options to help further elevate home security, such as our advanced locking mechanisms.

Bespoke Composite Doors

Our composite doors are designed to meet your every need and requirement. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our valued customer’s expectations, and so this is very important to us. With a wide range of customisable options available, you can be sure that your new front door will match the style of your home. Our composite doors come in over 11,000 colour options, with the choice of dual colour combinations. This way, you can choose different external and internal colours to better match your home. We also offer a selection of hardware accessories. Choose a handle and knocker that suits your taste.

Composite Door Prices, Orpington

If you’re looking for strong and secure replacement front doors for your home in Orpington, Kent and the surrounding areas, you can rely on our composite doors as the comprehensive solution. Use our online quoting tool to get your composite door price. Our modern composite doors provide style and performance without compromise. Create a bespoke finish that earns you more kerb appeal and makes a striking entry point for your property. Enjoy total peace of mind when you invest in our replacement front doors that are highly secure and will stand the test of time. For competitive composite door prices in Orpington, Kent and the surrounding areas, you can get in touch with The Shoreditch Window Company. Use our online quoting engine to receive a bespoke cost based on your exact specifications. We look forward to working with you to install your new composite door soon.

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